About Us

PTM Consulting supports Life Sciences companies providing solutions for Project Portfolio Management development, industrialization and product/process optimization.

Company Overview

Since 2002, PTM Consulting offers his expertise, methodology and the experiences achieved on number of project, in order to take strategic decisions through objective assessments, to companies that has in aim to develop new products, manage the efficiency of product portfolio and improve their own production processes.

Thanks to Quality by Design, Risk Management and our proprietary methodology, Roadmap Accelerator™, we can support companies to achieve their strategic objectives, being part of their success project.


PTM Consulting, is dedicated to providing solutions for product improvement and process optimization from R&D through to the industrialization and production stages. Working hand in hand with our customers we build a solid partnership to increase the quality and efficiency of their process, and safety of their product, improving their competitive advantage in the market place.

PTM Consulting turn out to be reliable partner for companies operating in pharmaceutical, medical device, and food markets which believe that a scientific approach and a cultural change are fundamental steps in their on-going success.

PTM Consulting consists of professionals organized in a dynamic and efficient structure:organization-chart
PTM Consulting makes available a professional team with different specializations in order to offer to the customers more multidisciplinary models that guarantee efficiency and reliability.
  • Regulatory affairs professionals (RAPS) are essential in Pharmaceutical and Medical worlds for every activities involved during development/lifecycle in order to ensure compliance with current regulations and incoming challenge in the regulatory area. Every project of PTM is supervised by an internal Regulatory affairs professional.
  • Scientific Advisory board guarantees PTM Consulting the knowledge needed to handle projects in most of the cutting-edge innovation fields. Expertise in specific topics as real time release, process analytical technology, advanced statistical tools, etc. give to PTM necessary knowledge to face every kind of project.
  • The QSR professionals focus on Quality System Regulation (e.g. Design Control), for medical devices industry, in order to reach the expected quality and avoid non-compliance with regulators.
  • The System engineers offer clients the best solutions for different technical and manufacturing backgrounds, in order to achieve process effectiveness, efficiency and quality.
  • The Statistical Analysis team provides statistical support fully-integrated with other professionals in order to measure and provide sound feed-back on achieved quality results.

PTM Consulting focuses on Quality Risk Management, Quality by Design, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to improve products and optimize processes in terms of cost, time and quality.
Knowledge and expertise are delivered through training courses structured in tailored modules..

PTM’s Team

PTM Consulting makes available a professional team, with different expertise, in order to offer to the customers multidisciplinary models that guarantee efficiency and reliability.

PTM’s consultants have the goal to broadcast scientific knowledge applied to methodological models ensures by a continuous learning on the various topics that the Life Sciences disciplines require.

The achieved experience achieved, merged with multilingual knowledge, support PTM workgroups providing high-level-consulting support assuring flexibility and continuity.

Project Leader


Responsible for project management and execution for the activities relating to PTM, in terms of resources, schedule,quality, documentation, customer satisfaction.

Scientific Advisor


Supports Project Leader to identify strategy, activities and deliverables.

Professional and Senior Consultant


Expert in process, regulation and specific tool and techniques (i.e. risk management, statistical tool…) that supports Project Leader to execute the project program.

Expert Consultant


Expert in specific tools and techniques required to perform foreseen analysis. Expert Consultant supports Project Leader to write the project documentation.