Roadmap Accelerator™

RMA™ is our methodology based on scientific approach supporting Product, Process, Project, Management issues

A Systematic Program Management Approach using advanced Stage&Gate Methodology, combined with Risk Management, statistical approach and flexible Bayesian statistic, Introducing Maturity Readiness Level model  (MRL), to Provide Objective evaluation for STRATEGIC resolution

A Unique Methodology for both, Start-up and Big Pharma, allowing control and measurement to manage complex processes and made INFORMED DECISIONS.
Companies that have a strong identification with R&D often face the challenge to manage a number of projects, and the various tasks simultaneously; Project Portfolio Management is a structured environment normally used to handle projects and resources, human and economic, plants, equipment and locations, which practically build a set of information and criteria to evaluate projects.

In order to take decisions is basic to have the picture of the project and to measure every its aspects to quantify the critical ones and to evaluate the feasibility and identify the possible alternative.

Roadmap Accelerator™ methodology assures:

  • Return Of Investment (ROI)
  • Reduction of Time to Market (TTM)
  • Knowledge Improvement (KI)
  • Measurable Results (MR)