PTM Training

PTM Consulting offers a large number of events aimed on the principal tasks that could interest Pharma and Medical Devices environment, from the start-up companies to the Big-Pharma companies thanks to the great competence and experience grown in the last 10 years. Courses and seminars will take place both at PTM office both at customer place.

Training and Education

PTM Consulting promotes activities to spread knowledge  and culture concerning quality topics in pharmaceutical and medical devices field. This comes from the belief  that knowledge is a never-ending process that should be nursed and updated to increase  process efficacy and efficiency and to improve product quality, obtaining  benefits for costumers and the company itself.  A reliable background on quality concepts is necessary  and the training phase is a fundamental step for the implementation of approaches  such as Quality by Design, Quality Risk Management and Lean Six Sigma. For this reason PTM Consulting promotes training and seminar activities  within companies and university courses to foster a continual leaning and  culture promotion process.
TRAINING PTM Consulting leads pharmaceutical and medical  devices companies through courses that can be both general introduction or  in-depth specialization according to the specific needs of each sigle company. PTM Consulting realizes training organized in several  course units addressed to different organization levels. The main advantages that PTM Consulting offers to its clients  are:

  • To  consider new market trends from an operational and regulatory point of view;
  • To  learn about techniques and tools supporting the problem-solving approach;
  • To  develop a Risk-based analysis and decision-making culture;
  • To  update and  investigate critical issues in the pharmaceutical and medical devices field;
  • To  promote continuous improvement activities.

PTM Consulting educational encourages the use of  active methods in order to involve people and establish a climate of problem  sharing and listening concerning the proposed themes. To reach this purpose the educational structure  includes three main levels:

  • The  lesson: listening and communication. PTM provides a general presentation of the themes, and  introduces the partecipants to the main concepts, tools, questions, discussion  points.
  • Project  work: involvement. PTM presents some case studies which allow to see implementation of general  principles.
  • Exercise:  simulation. PTM organizes team activities and workshops which  allow to apply the concepts of the lesson lead by PTM experienced staff.