Statistical Tools

PTM Consulting has acquired a consistent experience using statistical tools, widely used as support for Process Analytical Technology, Lean Six Sigma, Quality by Design and Quality Risk Management.

Use of statistical tools is one of the pillars for the science-based approach required by regulatory agencies and in general in Life Science industry.

The aim is to design, optimize and control processes and products in order to increase knowledge, minimize variability and maximize robustness.

These tools provide a scientific rational for decision-making process and can be very effective in providing an easy answer to several common problems in development and manufacturing.

Some of the most common used Statistical Tools: Design of Experiments (DoE), Multivariate Data Analysis, Regression Correlation, ANOVA – MANOVA – ANOM, Process capability analysis (Cp Pp Cpk PPk), Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL), Control Charts, Modeling & Simulation, Measuring System Analysis (MSA) – Gauge R&R, Reliability assessment, Pareto.