About Us

PTM Consulting supports Life Sciences companies providing solutions for product/process development, industrialization and optimization.

Company Overview

Founded in 2002, PTM Consulting works for leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the United States by applying the concepts and principles of Quality and Design, Process Validation, Product Validation, Lean Manufacturing, Transfer of Technology, Quality Risk Management to the early and full development phases -up process, industrialization and life-cycle management.

PTM methodological approach is characterized by a strong partnership between the owners of the business processes of reference and the project-based consultants that strengthens and optimizes the project approach, accelerating its results.

PTM Consulting provides solutions for the improvement and optimization of business products and processes from the early stages of development to the industrial ones, achieving the desired quality targets, minimizing cost and time development through an efficient and effective project management.


Being a leading company for Life Science in Europe and the United States, for consulting services to support operational and strategic decision making processes.
Creating and providing  innovative services based on cutting-edge methodologies to take effective strategic and operational decisions, partnering Quality and R&D  structures of the world’s leading companies in Life Science environment.
Constant methodological innovation, technical and operational excellence, partnering the customer, focus on people, training, ethics.

PTM’s Team

PTM Consulting makes available a professional team, with different expertise, in order to offer to the customers multidisciplinary models that guarantee efficiency and reliability.

PTM’s consultants have the goal to broadcast scientific knowledge applied to methodological models ensures by a continuous learning on the various topics that the Life Sciences disciplines require.

The achieved experience achieved, merged with multilingual knowledge, support PTM workgroups providing high-level-consulting support assuring flexibility and continuity.

Project Leader


Responsible for project management and execution for the activities relating to PTM, in terms of resources, schedule,quality, documentation, customer satisfaction.

Scientific Advisor


Supports Project Leader to identify strategy, activities and deliverables.

Professional and Senior Consultant


Expert in process, regulation and specific tool and techniques (i.e. risk management, statistical tool…) that supports Project Leader to execute the project program.

Expert Consultant


Expert in specific tools and techniques required to perform foreseen analysis. Expert Consultant supports Project Leader to write the project documentation.