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DDP – Drug Delivery Partnerships, Palm Beach Gardens (FL) – February 7-9, 2017

PTM Consulting attended one of the most important american event for Durg Delivery. For 21 years, DDP has been the world’s largest drug delivery meeting place to accelerate drugs to market and lengthen lifecycles for long term profitability by finding new partners, new drug delivery technologies, and new formulation development strategies.

One of the hot topic concerned the impact of new technologies on medical device. The Digital Health that merges the modern technologies for gather, manage and data transmission is the new medical market trend with potential implication both for the consultancy  and the regulatory.
Another pointed out theme dealt with “data over a device” that involve the increasing of data to be managed and therefor make very challenging their effective management.
Furthermore another aspect was underlined as critical: the need of a permanent inteface between the actors responsible for formulation activities and those responsible for medical device development.
Finally there was also a reference to the new trends for FDA inspection that, although the current structure reduction, will continue to mantain their action of control to highlight problems, to document and  reinforce market regulations.

PTM Consulting had the opportunity to present Risk Management and TTA (Technology Transfer Accelerator) services.