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Risk Assessement for Reagents and Solvents

Risk Assessment for Reagents and Solvents

Optimize the management of reagents and solvents within laboratories.

Since 2014, many companies have decided to use this service to verify their proper management in daily use of their laboratories; PTM Consulting, a leading company in Life Science, applied its long lasting experience in risk management and innovation attitude to create a new service: Risk Assessment for Reagents and solvents.

This  service provides a twofold benefit: on one side, managing and optimizing the shelf life of reagents and solvents to ensure their quality; on the other, it ensures risk-based optimization inventories and materials reorders.

This service is based upon a methodological approach that highlights  the most critical substances and an action plan to optimize their management, through a defined and shared acceptability criteria matrix. This provides a  rationale repeatable  for new future references to be introduced in the lab.

This same methodology also applies to the management of countercampions and standards.

For more information on the “Risk Assessment for Reagents and Solvents” service, contact Giorgio Kyriacatis, COO and Business Development Manager at

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