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Risk Management for Glass Primary packaging

Pharma Glass Primary Packaging Risk Mangement

Risk-based strategic services  for Glass Primary Packaging manufacturers and pharma companies.

Over the years, PTM has gained specific experience in several areas including the Pharma Glass Primary Packaging Process, from production to use in pharma companies, developing a strong expertise in plant and process analysis of glass packaging in the pharmaceutical field.

Ptm experience in risk management for Pharma Glass Primary Packaging Industry provides a  risk-based strategic service  to the entire product life cycle.

This is a two-way perspective: on one side, Glass Primary Packaging suppliers can  adapt their manufacturing processes to an ever tighter market and be more responsive to the requirements of the pharmaceutical customer; on the other, pharma companies work in QbD optics by providing directly their suppliers  with clear and defined requirements.

Get more information and find out the benefits of the service for both Pharma Glass Primary Packaging manufacturer and pharmaceutical companies by contacting Giorgio Kyriacatis, COO and Business Development Manager, at

Download  Pharma Glass Primary Packaging Risk Management.