Technology Transfer Accelerator

Quality and Detail of the Know How and Technology Information, during a Technology Transfer Project are the key to Produce the Desired Product Maintaining Results, Cost and Time as defined into the Technology Transfer Plan

An effective and efficient management model for Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer (TT) is defined as the process of transferring a product, and its production process, from a donor site to a receiving site. is etc. To reach and maintain the same level of quality between the two sites, it is necessary to design an efficient technology transfer process identifying and sharing, from the assessment stage,  a structured  set of information, including production processes, analytical methods, controls.

TT is therefore often a difficult process since it requires not only effective transfer of information, but rather an effective knowledge and production competence transfer resulting from a site receiving assessment in terms of scientific maturity, organization, Project Management capabilities and financial management.

PTM Consulting developed and implemented the TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACCELERATOR (TTA) service. This service was conceived for companies working in Life Science to implement consistent and  robust transferring process: product, know-how and related manufacturing process.

The general operating scenario where PTM TTA management model can be applied is quite various: transfer can be linked to a step-by-step (pilot to manufacturing), can be determined by additional product life-cycle needs (eg primary packaging variation), or may be generated by donor site technology / organization shortage.

Technology Transfer Accelerator arise from combining different methodological approaches

Technology Transfer Accelerator service comes from a highly  proven combination of technical and methodological approaches.

The strength of PTM  TTA model is based on using a  Stage & Gate approach applied to two levels (strategic and technical) and on other very important methodological tools, including a Maturity Readiness Level (MRL) model integrated into Project Risk Assessment (PRA) project management and a performance system indicator called “On Time, In Full, On Budget” (OTIFOB).

The TTA model through S&G  application, both at a technical and strategic level, allows to set up properly planning and to organize activities by tracking and optimizing performance through clear, repeatable and measurable at each gate KPIs (On Time, On Budget, On Budget)

The S & G decision-making process uses the MRL tool to make the right decisions at the “gate”  / checkpoints of each stage, thanks to the possibility to evaluate the “maturity” of the product, technologies, and organizations, by assessing Project Risk Assessment in an integrated way.

Finally, the TTA model envisages the use of innovative tools for functional mapping and for proper application of Risk Management to different project stages.

Technology Transfer, a holistic approach: how to reach project success managing technical and resource aspects

Ever tighter time-to-market constraints in TT projects sometimes sparkle operational activities:

  • WITHOUT an appropriate assessement of the information available,
  • WITHOUT a clear sharing of the objectives to be achieved, and
  • WITHOUT a consequent accurate planning.

Predictable consequences may be delays, increased costs, and increased pressure on the engineering team.

Setting up a technology transfer  process, there are  fundamental aspects to plan; Technology Transfer Accelerator  is an effective method to set a correct technology transfer plan thanks to :

  • the correct measurement of the “maturity” of the information available at the beginning and obtained from time to time (MRL method),
  • the assessment of information impact on the project plan,
  • the punctual planning of the technical activities like result of the preceding evaluation and their monitoring  over time.

The  model of TTA, proposed by PTM Consulting, provides also a  systematic and operational answer to some  organizational difficulties that could compromise the  successful result of the technological transfer. Frequently, during a technology transfer, there are real cultural changes to manage – mostly in the organization area; Ptm TTA model enhances roles and responsibility definition, team management tools and techniques and eases  all those formal or informal communication and functional mechanisms.

To  reduce resistance and speed up organization growth, Ptm provides training and coaching support dropping down the risks of slow or unclear organizational situations.

Technology Transfer Accelerator: a decision making model

Technical, organizational and financial aspects are considered in an integrated way so that TTA model can be an effective and measurable decision-making system through project objectives and KPIs.  TTA model also helps  to plan and monitor detailed technical activities for each step of the project, and to set the proper organizational structure of the project, harmonizing the work of the teams.