Over the year PTM has been  continuously developing models and methodologies to support its clients. Today PTM is recognized as a partner able to deliver structured and repeatable methodologies rationalizing  information related to  project, process and product to support both operative and decisional processes.

Structured models are functional to an effective management to keep  project activities under control; these models  boosts knowledge growth and development of  projects.

This continuous new tools and methodology  development in Process and Product Optimization, Technology Transfer activities, Quality Risk Management and Quality by Design application is a strong point of reference for all the Life Science companies: Ptm is recognized as a real new solution supplier in many issues of Pharma World.

Preliminary to any  activity or project are mapping techniques,  Quality Risk Management tools and statistical tools: these tools are used in a systematic way in order to provide an objective and scientific method for all decisional process; thanks to their effectiveness, they often allow to give simple solutions to ordinary problems within the development and manufacturing phases.