Maturity Readiness Level

Maturity Readiness Level (MRL) is a model developed and used by PTM Consulting to measure the project maturity and to make objective and strategic evaluations

Maturity Readiness Level (MRL) is a tool developed by PTM to measure, through a structured approach, the project maturity at a  specific development point (project Gate, see Stage & Gate) and to compare it with the target maturity level, minimizing risks and managing resources according to the success probability and the company strategy.


MRL criteria

Project maturity is evaluated considering three principal components:

  • Product: measure the knowledge level about product characteristics (attributes);
  • Technology: measure the knowledge level about the process characteristics and behavior (parameters);
  • Organization: it is referred to the company skills/knowledge to implement the project for each single stage.

MRL evaluation for consecutive Gate

MRL and risk

The maturity level allows to realize the evaluation considering the risk connected to the project.

Greater is the maturity level to reach the Gate, lesser will be the risk connected to the project, but it should be necessary to consider the level of investments in terms of time and resources to reach the required maturity level inside the Stage before the considered Gate.

Example MRL associated to a development project